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I just got my cards today and as usual they are beautiful. These are extra special because of Bandit and you did an excellent job with him. I'm very pleased with it. I love these cards just like every year and I'm always proud to send out something so nice. People I send them to look forward to them every Christmas. So, thanks for your excellent work that adds joy to my Christmas every  season.

Joan Flagg
Gloucester, MA

Just letting you know that I have received the cards .. and.. I LOVE THEM, ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM

Diana Vreeken
Suffolk, VA

Cards arrived today. 
I just keep saying "Oh, my God!" over and over again.  I can't thank you enough!  These cards are precious.  What a wonderful job you did.  I really can't find words to express how thrilled I am with what you did for us.
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will treasure this picture for the rest of my life.

Cheryl Clayton
Eureka, CA

The cards arrived yesterday, and they are absolutely fabulous! The close-up of Thelma's face is beautiful, but the snowman one is drop-dead gorgeous! You were even able to capture the bit of light on the top of Thelma's nose! I'm so excited to send them out. I think I will start today. :-) thank you so much. I love the green scarf on her, too. It's amazing how you can make it look like she was really wearing it! And how all her feet are sunk in the snow! Such beautiful attention to detail. Thank you soooo much!

Susan Adams
San Francisco, CA

OMG I got my cards today.  They are priceless.  I can't wait to mail them out.  I am not sure that I am not going to order more.  Thank you so much.  I love them.

Debby Brewer
Homer, Il

I have to let you know just how pleased I am with the cards!  GORGEOUS!!!  I knew they were going to be good but I was more than impressed when I actually saw them!  LOVE THEM!  LOVE THEM!  LOVE THEM!  I can only describe them as absolutely amazing artwork!
Thank you again for the beautiful holiday cards!  You are top notch and will be highly recommended for sure!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU!!!

Dory Kowal
Hewitt, NJ

I received the cards today and I LOVE THEM!  Thank you so much.  Every year you do such a great job.  This is my third year ordering from you and every year it has been a pleasure to do business with you and I wanted to thank you.  These cards are so good.  My friends and family look forward to receiving them and I love to frame the new one each year to display in the house for Christmas.  All my visitors always comment on how cool these cards are!  I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday!
Best Wishes!

Lisa Steele
Potomac Falls, VA

I just had to follow-up and thank you SO MUCH for the terrific job you did on our cards! They look great, and I cannot begin to tell you how many people said it was the best card they’d received this year. And how many said they’d be using the Card Bard next year! A good job for all, I’d say!
Thanks again, and here’s hoping your whole pack has a wonderful holiday season this year. You sure made ours shine!

Chuck Mitchell
Tallahassee, FL

Our cards just arrived! OMG!!!!! These are truly the cutest!!! I think this is your best card yet!!!! You get even better every year and I don't even know how that is possible. I really love it!!! It certainly looks like they are in the sleigh posing. You are unbelievable with all your talent. This card is even better than I was expecting!!!! Thank you a million times and I could not be more pleased!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!!

Lynn Brueske
Topeka, KS

The cards arrived today and, as usual, they are beautiful and I love them. I have loved every Christmas card you've made for me over the years. So glad I found you!

Dorothea Clarke
Pittsburgh, PA

Just wanted to let you know that I got the package yesterday with my holiday card order. They look GREAT! The quality of the cards and the bright colors are exceptional. I can't wait to send them and hear the reactions from friends and family. Thanks so much!

Maureen Pearl
Marietta, GA

Just wanted to let you know how much I love these Christmas cards. Noah & Jonah never looked better!!!!!!! Thank you for such a high quality job. I can't wait to send these cards out to everyone!!!! You will be their exclusive card shop forever.
thank you,

Rosa  Glaser
Brooklyn, NY

I got my cards today.  THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!
Thank you so much,

Paula Baptista
East Freetown, MA

Thanks again for such beautiful cards. I can always trust what a great job you do. Thanks so much,

Lana Callihan
Tecumseh, MI

I received my cards today in the mail and absolutely love love them!!! They are soooo adorable and I cannot wait to send them out to my family and friends! I also look forward to ordering different ones next year. I also appreciate all your help with choosing the right pictures for my cards. Thank you again so much,

Amy Lipinski
Avon Lake, OH

Once again, my husband and I are floored by the incredible Christmas card you created for Spike. :D My husband actually thought I had wrapped the dog in lights and garland! When I told him it was all your handiwork, he was impressed. We really love them and can't wait to send them out! Thank you once again and we hope you have a great season! Best regards,

Mari Stein
Gettysberg, PA

We received our order today - the best way to describe is WOW! The cards are spectacular, you have definitely met & even exceeded our expectations. It's impossible to tell that you incorporated 3-separate pictures of our dogs into 1-Christmas scene & the quality of the card stock & envelopes is also impressive - as well as even the packaging! Thank you too for the additional free 10-cards and the gorgeous 8x10 picture will proudly be displayed on our mantle, not just at Christmas time but the whole year. You were wonderful to work with & we look forward to contacting you for our Christmas card order next year as well! THANK YOU!

Chris & Gary Butzer
Akron, OH

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with the cards. They are great! I'll be back next year! You were so nice and easy to work with and very very helpful. The order came so fast! I can't say enough. Everyone will LOVE this card! Happy Holidays!

Lisa Steele
Potomac Falls, VA

I'm afraid I have been very busy but wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the cards you did. I really appreciate all of the attention to detail especially, in the case of positioning the dogs of varying heights. I can hardly wait to send them this year!!! Thanks kindly,

Jane Merilee Howley
White Rock, BC, Canada

OMG - I LOVE the cards! I have been waiting all week for their arrival and the postman delivered them today. I am sitting here at the computer and the card is in front of me and brings such a smile to my face. I can't believe how nice they came out. I can't wait to mail them out. We have been sending Holiday cards with pictures of Josh for the past 3 years we have had him. This one is the best by far! I couldn't let the day go by without e-mailing you to let you know my complete satisfaction with the finished product. Thank you again!

Diane McClellan
South Hadley, MA

Just received my cards - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! Thanks so much. Great job....

Linda Leahy
Laguna Beach, CA

We just received our cards and we can't stop looking at them. They are so much more than we could have hoped for! With seven dogs we were a bit apprehensive but these are so far above our expectations! They are so professional and so beautiful that we can't wait to do this again next year. We are so excited that we can hardly wait to send these out. Thanks for eveything.

Joe and David Denan
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Just want you to know I LOVE my cards! I can't stop looking at them. I wish it were Christmas right now so I could send them out. thanks so much for doing such a great job. they really made my day!

Valerie Pierro
Tonawanda, NY

OMG, just got home and your box was the first thing I opened. My husband and I are thrilled with the cards! Like you said, I can't wait to send them out, these are by far Spike's best Christmas card yet! Thanks Cheri and you will be sure to receive my order next year!

Mari Stein
Gettysberg, PA

A quick note to let you know I received the cards and they are fabulous. Thanks to you and your team for the very creative and high-quality job. Have a terrific holiday.

Laurie MacDonald
Los Angeles, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and I couldn't be happier with the way the Holiday card turned out. It was exactly as I had hoped it would be. Thanks so much for a great job. Happy Holidays!

Brenda Joyce
Lakeland, FL

I received my cards and I am thrilled to death but very sad that I did not know about you sooner!!!! The cards could not be more gorgeous! I love how you wrote the names of the dogs in the snow!!! It is the perfect effect!!! It truly looks like the dogs are posing for their Christmas picture!!! I could not be happier!!!! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and for doing it so quickly. I could not be more pleased about everything! I look forward to placing another order soon! Your prices are very reasonable!!!! Keep up the great work!

Lynn Brueske
Topeka, KS

Hi Cheri! I received my cards today, and I just wanted to let you know how much I love them! I think they are my favorite Christmas card that I've ever done. Your work is incredible, and I will be definitely ordering more things in the future. Thanks again. Have a good weekend.

Erica Melanio
Denver, PA

I couldn't be happier! They are sooo cute! The angel pose is adorable! I think that's my favorite. You all did a beautiful job of getting that glass of milk between her paws on the Santa's Helper card. I was afraid the cards might be a little cheap looking, but they definitely are not. I can hardly wait until Christmas. I might start sending them out now! Is it too soon? :-) Thank you for all the help. The 8x10 photos are wonderful too. I have a feeling you'll be getting more orders from me in the future. Thanks!

Susan Adams
San Francisco, CA

I got my cards this morning..I love them! Thank you again for the great service! :)

Patty Austin
Spencer, MA

OMG!.... I just received the cards....they're fabulous. I absolutely adore it. Do you think it's too early to send them out??? It's going to be difficult to wait another month. Thank you for including extra, [November Internet Special] twenty would never have been enough.

Thanks so much,
Joan Fierson
White Plains, NY

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the cards. When I got them I was so excited. They turned out absolutely fabulous. I so, so surprised at how wonderful they are. I can't wait to send them out to my family and friends. I am sure I will be ordering more in the future. Thanks again, you do awesome work.

Tara Mozier
Kirkland, WA

The cards are adorable!

Kimberly Schultheis
Granville, WV

Received the cards today. Love them. You did a great job. Thanks so much for all your help.

Evelyn Gephart
Winterville, GA

I wanted to drop you a note to tell how pleased I am with the way the cards turned out. You did an excellent job and really made my naughty little Bear look like a real angel! I will be a customer for many years to come. You'll be seeing a lot of Bear! Thanks again.

A very satisfied customer,
Teri Graham
Anaheim, CA

We love the cards! Even better than I imagined they would be.

Janie Autz
Dallas, TX

Thanks for the beautiful cards!!! Wonder how long I can wait before I start sending them out! They look fantastic. I guess I'll just stare at them for a few weeks before I start addressing them. Thanks for making the holidays extra fun for me/us!

Elise Margulis
Livingston, NJ

Good morning,
We adopted the gray cat with Easter eggs around his feet on your website, and can't tell you how much enjoyment we've gotten out of sending the cards of Mica out to everyone. I've been passing on your website to everyone who sees them.
We have a 2nd cat we want to get pictures done of before the year is up hopefully. I just couldn't resist letting you know that Mica has a happy home, and your cards are definitely being enjoyed! Thanks for the cards.

Liz Haller
Spokane, WA

The letter above refers to one of our "models" from a local animal shelter, Julia's Jungle in Spokane, WA. Often we photograph animals there to be featured on new cards. The cards are then printed and the box of cards featuring that animal goes home with the new owners when the pet is adopted.